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This week, I was lucky enough to interrupt a praying mantis on one of our roses. At first, he seemed frightened of the camera, but after a while he realised I wasn’t going to hurt him and lost his camera-shyness.

Monique has taken a photo of the first tomatoes from her garden. She says they are small and red and not at all perfect, and when she has enough, she’ll make sugo. At first, I thought one was a reflection of the other, and I particularly love the contrast of the red on the blue background.

DSC_5918 (2)


IMG_3012 (1)

Midweek Moment is a weekly photographic endeavour in which Monique Mulligan and I team up to share our favourite photos on our websites. It’s a way of stretching ourselves creatively and a nice distraction from writing. Click here for more of our Moments.


'The Sisters' Song' is coming in January 2018.

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