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On Not Giving Up

This post could also be called On Failure, or On Working Hard, or On Learning Life's Lessons the Hard Way. When I was young, I spent most of each summer in our above-ground pool, swimming and jumping and tumbling and doing laps of its 20-foot length. I thought I was a...

Why I Chose to be Motherless – Part 1

I recently read the essay, Motherless By Choice, by Katie Naum and felt awed by its honesty, its sincerity, and its wisdom. It struck a chord with me, and has spurred me to tell my own story. As always happens when I write stories from my childhood, the words...

Bottling the Kids

There’s been a lot going on this year—mostly good, but not all of it. Normally, I cope. Normally, I feel good about the good things, but I've had trouble feeling good at all this year, about anything. I think I've worked out why: I don't like this new phase of our...

My Journey to Writing

If someone had asked me a decade ago what I would be doing in ten years' time, writing a novel would not have been on the list, nor on the horizon. It wasn't even on the planet. I'd always thought of myself as Maths/Science orientated as I found those subjects so much...

Tribute to a Sister

This essay was first published as a series on my blog in September, 2013. I've edited it a little, so if you want to read the original, you can click here.  Ever since my sister died in 1987, I'd wanted to write about her and her death, but it took me over 25 years. I...

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