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Shannon Meyerkort: Wearing Many Hats

This week, local writer, Shannon Meyerkort, joins me in the attic. Shannon is a writer and blogger based in Perth, where she lives with her husband and three daughters. She has been published in various magazines, both print and online, has had short stories...

Nadia L. King: Are My Boobs Guilty

This week's post is a little different, but something I think all women of a certain age will relate to, so keep reading ... Nadia L. King was born in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1970s. Her first book “Jenna’s Truth” will be published this month by Aulexic...

Jenn J McLeod: Embracing a Second Chance

Today, I welcome author, Jenn J McLeod, into the attic. These days, Jenn lives the gypsy life in a fifth-wheeler caravan, her days spent writing heart-warming, small town fiction: tales of friendship, family and contemporary country life. House for all...








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